"Klaipedos Granitas" lost against "Kruoja" 1:3

Last Sundays game in Pakruojis between "Klaipedos Granitas" and "Kruoja" ended up with  a 1:3 victory of the home team who are now competing for the second place in the league A.

Understanding the importance of the game "Kruoja" started attacking from the beginning of the first half. After a couple wasted opportunities by R. Beniunis and Veziavicius the felling of the nearing goal hanged in the air.

Boris Ignatiev tried to clear that feeling with an impressive individual raid inside the penalty area, but his attempt was stopped, and the hosts scored a first goal on the 15th minute.

N. Maciulis sent a ball way up front towards Beniusis who controlled the ball with his chest and put it pass the keeper.

10 minutes later "Kruoja" scored another goal thanks to the effort of T. Eliosius who stormed into the penalty area dragged the goalkeper from his spot and assisted an easy goal to R. Vezevicius.

A third goal could have come after a silly mistake by the keeper Norbutas who punched the ball straight to Maciulis who's header was too weak and right where the goalie stood.

For the remaining minutes of the first half guests attempted to put themselves on the scoreboard too, however the long shots didn't cause too much trouble for "Kruoja".

After a half time hosts continued to control the game and the third goal came on the 58th minute. Beniusis gave a great pass to Eliosius who ran in front of the goals and sent a ball into the bottom corner.

Later even "Kruoja" defenders joined the attacks but both them and forward Beniusis kept on wasting great chances, Bagocius and Birskys were at least on target but the keeper did his job protecting the goals.

"Klaipedos Granitas" players were patient enough to earn a goal of honour for themselves, as R. Simonavicius headed the ball into the net after a corner kick on th 85th minute. This was the last real chance for the goal and the game was over.

The next game for "Klaipedos Granitas" will be held at Klaipeda central stadium on 22nd of October at 18:00 against "Atlantas". This is going to be the first leg of quarterfinals of the LFF cup.


No. Team M Goals Points
1 Zalgiris 27 75-16 70
2 Trakai 27 67-25 62
3 Atlantas 27 48-25 51
4 Suduva 27 54-26 49
5 28 35-52 38
6 28 24-37 29
7 27 36-57 27
8 Klaipedos granitas 35 34-77 26
9 Kruoja 25 23-36 21
10 SIauliai 27 23-68 14
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