“Klaipedos granitas” is the first team to win against “Zalgiris” this season

Klaipedos Granitas’ players brake all the stereotypes, on Saturday, in the 17th round of  the Lithuanian Football League A, Robertas Poškus and his team 2:1 (0:0) defeated defending champions “Vilniaus Zalgiris” in Klaipeda.

It was the first loss for “Zalgiris” this season.

You can watch comments from coaches and players here (video).

In the 48th minute Zigmundas Jesipovas gave the lead to the hosts, 5 minutes before the end of the game Serge Nyuiadzi scored an equalized. However Klaipeda’s team snatched a victory on the 89th minute with another goal by Z. Jesipovas.

Zalgiris veteran Andrius Velichka missed a penalty shot on the 78th minute.

"FutboloTV.lt" provides videos of goals (here).

 After 17 matches “Vilniaus Zalgiris” with 36 points is leading the championship. “Klaipedos Granitas” with 22 points is now 7th in standings.

A detailed description of the game:

In the round 17 of Lithuanian League A, “Klaipedos Granitas“ showed their strong character. Marek Zubas’ team has not been defeated this season yet, that is clearly the biggest achievement in a short-lived club history of “Klaipedos Granitas” so far.

Match has begun with dominance of the capital team; “Zalgiris” exploited opponent’s technical faults and carried out several strikes on target and off target as well. However, none of the attempts caused any trouble for the goalkeeper Kurskis.

As they withstood the first wave of “Zalgiis” attacks, hosts created couple chances themselves as well. Evgeny Moroz ran into the penalty area, received a nice pass from a teammate, and struck one on target, but his shot was reflected by Armantas Vitkauskas to the corner kick.

In later stages of the first half the initiative again was taken by “Zalgiris”, but “Klaipedos Granitas” defended rigorously and did not allow them develop very dangerous situations. Both Kurskis’ and defense’s worked reliably.

After the break Klaipeda team took a surprising lead after a standard situation Tamazi Chargeshvilli sent a superb ball into the box and Zigmontas Jesipovas scored a nice one for the home side. Even after a goal home team did not shy away to attack confused “Zalgiris” players.

“Granitas” defended well, although visitors continue to increase the pressure and in the 75th minute visitors managed to earn a penalty. Andro Shverljugas’s shot hit defenders’ Aivaras Lukoshius hand and the referee Darius Petrashka assigned a penalty kick.

Andrius Velichka was a man to convert an easy goal; however Kurskis’ dive has saved a day for the local team. Yet after such an unfortunate situation “Zalgiris” kept on attacking.

Just a couple of moments away from the saved penalty kick, Kurskis had to work hard again by Jakub Wilk. Then a ball was brought into a penalty area from a corner kick where chaotic events allowed a ball to hit the post. Luckily enough Klaipeda’s team survived once more.

Finally visitors found the goal on the 86th minute. Velichka rushed through the left-wing and gave a brilliant pass to Serge Nyuiadzi in front of the goal of Kurskis for an equalizer, fixing his earlier flaw in a spectacular way.

It seemed that an inspired team will seek for a late winner away from home, but their plans were broken by hosts’ counter attack. In the 89th minute T. Chargeshvilli gave a long pass to Veliulis on the left-wing who crossed the ball towards Jesipovas and the final score was set.

Double by a “Granitas” man secured a win for the home team, despite attempts to save the day by visitors, there was simply no more time left. A sensational first season defeat for the champions was recorded.



No. Team M Goals Points
1 Zalgiris 27 75-16 70
2 Trakai 27 67-25 62
3 Atlantas 27 48-25 51
4 Suduva 27 54-26 49
5 28 35-52 38
6 28 24-37 29
7 27 36-57 27
8 Klaipedos granitas 35 34-77 26
9 Kruoja 25 23-36 21
10 SIauliai 27 23-68 14
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