"Klaipedos Granitas" downed by "Atlantas"

The LFF cup first leg of the quarterfinals at home ended up in a defeat for "Klaipedos Granitas" who lost 0:4 (0:1) against the other port city club "Atlantas".

One of the "Klaipedos Granitas" leaders wasn't able to help the team due to a cracked thigh muscle.

20 minutes into the game "Klaipedos Granitas" playing coach R. Poskus created a dangerous moment by the goals of their opponents however his shot went slightly above the crossbar.

The first goal of the match came in late into the first half. It was L. Baranauskas who left the "Klaipedos Granitas" keeper E. Kurskis hopeless inside the goals on the 45th minute.

On the 73rd minute O. Verbickas doubled the score. Other two goals came in at the end of the match by "Atlantas" top scorer E. Raziulis who scored both of the during the stoppage time. Final score 0:4.

The reverse fixture between two teams will take place on November 4th, 18:00, at Klaipeda's central stadium natural grass which is considered to be a home stadium of "Atlantas".

Two teams have met previously this season 5 times, 3 of them ended up victorious for "Atlantas", "Klaipedos Granitas" won one game and another finished with draw.

Different paths

"Atlantas" joined the LFF cup at the round of 1/16 where Konstantine Sarsanja's players had a hard time passing the III division team from Vilnius "Taip" in an extra time with a 3:1 victory.

"Klaipedos Granitas" before getting to quarterfinals had to pass two rounds against I division "Nevezis" and a top flight team "Kruoja", both times with 2 goals against 0.

No. Team M Goals Points
1 Zalgiris 27 75-16 70
2 Trakai 27 67-25 62
3 Atlantas 27 48-25 51
4 Suduva 27 54-26 49
5 28 35-52 38
6 28 24-37 29
7 27 36-57 27
8 Klaipedos granitas 35 34-77 26
9 Kruoja 25 23-36 21
10 SIauliai 27 23-68 14
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