"Klaipedos Granitas" eliminated "Kruoja" out of the cup

This Wednesday night "Klaipedos Granitas" earned a vital victory in the LFF cup tournament against "Kruoja" outscoring them by 2:0 on the home ground.

This single win secured them a spot at the 5th stage of the LFF cup.

Both goal at the first half were scored by Rytis Pilotas on the 22nd and 41st minutes.

Warnings: M. Zizilevs (62nd), E. Baranauskas (62nd) both from the Klaipeda side. S. Nieminen (23rd), A. Bagocius (77th), R. Beniusis (90+2) from "Kruoja".

Despite the fact that "Kruoja" is currently enjoying a 3rd seed at the top Lithuanian league, "Klaipedos Granitas" had an easier game than their neighbors "Atlantas" who have barely win against Vilnius' "Taip" from the 3rd division only after an extra time.

"Klaipedos Granitas" coach Robertas Poskus: "I was happy with the game and players and their dedication and the result itself. Everyone's mood got uplifted. I have stressed out to our guys the importance of fighting till the end and the necessity to show our character. Good that the team has actually listened. Who else would lift up your mood if not yourself. We have to fight at both LFF cup and the league for the 6th spot. Everything is in our hands".

"Banga" got eliminated

Yet another 3rd division team "Prelegents" from Vilnius kicked out another A league team "Banga" from Gargzdai by 1:0. The only goal was scored by M. Babravicius on the 68th minute.

The owner of the cup "Zalgiris" on the other hand eliminated "Ekranas" with a 3:0 win.

One more 4th round game finished only after a penalty shooting as Kaunas' "Spyris" from the 1st division 7:6 defeated "Siauliai" after a scoreless main time.


No. Team M Goals Points
1 Zalgiris 27 75-16 70
2 Trakai 27 67-25 62
3 Atlantas 27 48-25 51
4 Suduva 27 54-26 49
5 28 35-52 38
6 28 24-37 29
7 27 36-57 27
8 Klaipedos granitas 35 34-77 26
9 Kruoja 25 23-36 21
10 SIauliai 27 23-68 14
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