Ernestas Veliulis - to the youth national team

One of the most prominent players of "Klaipedos granitas", ErnestasVeliulis, was invited to join the U-21 Lithuanian national team. He is expected to help Lithuanians in their clash against Moldova on the 5th of June. It will be the qualification match for U-21 European Championship.

"It is always delightful when you’re called up for the national team. It is a great honor to wear the national team jersey and represent your country. I will try my best not to disappoint the coaches."

He also claimed he was happy to have the chance to improve as a player with the KlaipedosGranitas.

"The conditions here are perfect. The atmosphere with the club is good, both the coaches and players are friendly and provide a lot of good advice. I get a lot of playing time, and there is really nothing to complain about. It’s a pity that the club is now only at the eight spot, but I believe we will soon change this. We are very determined and ready to fight,” - the 21-year old stated.


No. Team M Goals Points
1 Zalgiris 27 75-16 70
2 Trakai 27 67-25 62
3 Atlantas 27 48-25 51
4 Suduva 27 54-26 49
5 28 35-52 38
6 28 24-37 29
7 27 36-57 27
8 Klaipedos granitas 35 34-77 26
9 Kruoja 25 23-36 21
10 SIauliai 27 23-68 14
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